Light breeze of Mediterranean: The best Italian restaurants in Sydney

You don’t have to go to Italy to taste some of the best Italian dishes in the world. Just visit Sydney, the culinary capital of Australia which has a vast offer of unsurpassed Italian restaurants. Once you get tired from strolling along the vibrant city streets and after all those water activities, you will need to grab a bite of something, so make sure you go for something delicious. Go Italian!

Pizzas are the best at Voulez Vous

If you want to go to a place that is tiny yet so cosy go to 6 Hunt Street where the little restaurant all the locals love is –  Voulez Vous. There are quirky chairs in Mediterranean style where you can unwind while you wait to be served. You can slouch in a quirky chair with your friends and forget about all of your troubles. Don’t let the French name fool you. This is the place to order the best Italian pizzas which come from wood-fired oven. If you’re vegan, you will be pleased to hear that there are delicious vegan bruschetta. Yummy!1F-960x576

State-of-the-art Lucio’s

Go to 47 Windsor Street where Lucio’s is. There are a lot of pieces of art which are bound to leave you amazed. Although the art is contemporary Australian, all the dishes are Italian. Check out their delicious duck dish anatra arrosto con radicchio alla griglia you can enjoy while drinking some quality red Italian wine. You will forget you are in the Land Down Under in no time.Lucios

Café Mint is great for seafood

579 Crown Street is where you can discover the restaurant called Café Mint. They serve Italian flavoured dishes and some originating from the Middle East. They have really large portions so you can bring a lot of friends to share those with. They also have a large offer of gluten-free meals. Check out their seafood tagine and wine

Get spoiled at Bei Amici

Bei Amici  at 2b Mona Rd, Darling Point is the suburban gem of fine dining. They use fresh produce and the chef himself has lived as a child in Italy, so he’s an expert at making some of the best traditional dishes. This restaurant serves a large selection of sweet dishes so you should not refuse tasting their house-made-ice-creams. The locals’ favourite dish is Monk´s Temptation. You will be amazed once you try the three Italian cheeses served with currants, fig jam, salami and Swiss fruit bread.bei-amici-restaurant31

Discover Lumi Bar & Dining

There is a place with picture-perfect setting at 56 Pirrama Road and it is called Lumi Bar & Dining. Try oysters with rhubarb, lime kosho and red miso and see why everyone’s into it. The interior is really great and it will be perfect for casual dining out with a bunch of friends.img_7438

Try the delicacies of Otto Ristorante

Go to 6 Cowper Wharf Road where Otto Ristorante is. You’ll feel really comfortable because the staff are attentive and willing to change the way they prepare the food for you and even share the recipes. Try calamari with chilli aioli. If you are vegan or you just want something veggie based and delicious try roasted cauliflower with preserved truffles and hazelnuts.img_3059

If you’re willing to grab a bite of the greatest Italian food, you don’t have to visit Rome. Sydney is all you need! It is brimming with cosy restaurants which serve delicious food and some of the best wine there is. Enjoy yourself!



Two photo exhibitions to visit this summer in Madrid

1. Las Reglas del Juego (The rules of the game) by Chema Madoz:


Chema Madoz is a Spanish photographer from Madrid, famous for of his black and white surrealist photographs.

In this exhibition, following his own style, Chema Madoz changes the meaning of the the things to provide a deeper significance.

This artist photographs “the portrait of an idea” creating poetry from his works: A cloud can be the top of a tree, a protractor becomes a rainbow over the sea, a railway turns into a watchband… and the list keeps growing until reaching the collection of 124 photos.

A particularity in his work is the lack of titles, but once you see any of his pictures you understand the reason, and it is because you don’t need words to understand what he means. The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” finds here its biggest and best example.

Mixing these artworks with the “Sala Alcalá 31”, the minimalist and beautiful place in which they are exposed, built among the years 1935 and 1943, art and architecture collaborate to create a whole space of beauty, simplicity and deep meaning creating poetry individually and in their entirety.

2. Vogue Like a Painting:


The name of this exhibition says everything you need to know.

In “Vogue like a Painting” the artworks of some of the best photographers of the moment that remain classic paintings are exposed together in this gallery.

Ermin Blumenfeld, Patrick Demarchelier, Nick Knight, Annie Leibovitz, Peter Lindebergh, Paolo Roversi and Tim Walker among many other great artists give life to this exhibition in the Museo Thyssen moving us to other moments and latest fashions.

The special particularity of these photos is that, despite of their modernity, they have a romantic appealing evoking other times, other customs and other styles, but especially that everything, the colour, the spaces, the backgrounds and the models tell wonderful and mysterious stories that keep us looking at every detail of the images.


5 alternative pubs to visit in Dublin

If Ireland is known by anything, it is because of its pubs.

After any afternoon around Dublin, the best thing to do in the evening, or even before because in Ireland it doesn’t matter if it is 11 in the morning or 10 in the evening to have a pint, is to go to the pubs. And depending on the day of the week, there are better places than others if you want to do something different.

1. Quays –  12 Temple Bar

The most famoous area to go any day of the week is the turistic Temple Bar, where you can find live music any day at any time. It is true that it is the most expensive area as well, but if you have into account that you are basicaly attending to a concert, there is nothing too expensive for that. There, Quays is the spot you can’t miss if you have to choose one of all in the Temple Bar. It is alwasy crowded, but it is the best place to get the real irish feeling.



2. Sweeney’s – 32 Dame Street, Dublin 2

It is described by them as a “drinking pub with a music problem”. They are completely right. Three floors of a cool place with a great variety of music and a better enviroment. Different kinds of music around the week and especially remarkable Sundays with their live band the Jazzmen, the best three hours you’re going to spend in Dublin.

If you go to Dublin for a day, make sure that it is on Sunday!



3. The Stagh’s Head – 1 Dame Court, Dublin

This is a little pub hiden besides Dame Street. The particuarity of the pubs in Dublin is that there is not only music, but also in the places that move a little bit away from the Temple Bar, there are as well comedy crunch, poetry slams, and different fun performances. The Stagh’s Head is one of these places. Among some other things, you have Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays free Comedy crunch that includes an ice-cream during the break. If you go, do not forget to order Blacurrant Guiness to drink!


4. The Bernard Shaw – 11-12 Richmond St S, Dublin 2

Have you ever thought about a restaurant-bus? Yes, there are places like this. Combine this with the hip-hop underground style and add as well a bohemian feeling and you will be having a pint and a very good pizza in the Bernard Shaw pub. Remember, you have to go between 5 and 7 pm to get both for 11€, and do yourself a favor, don’t leave Dublin if you haven’t gone.

IMG_8627 IMG_8639 IMG_8646 IMG_8650 IMG_8651

5. The International Bar –  23 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2

Again, a very different place, for a calm night, to sit, relax and have fun. Any of its three floors have something different, but in particular its ground floor on Sundays is the bet spot to go to recover from the weekend’s hangover. Not many people know about it, and that is why they open the door and directly leave, so before you go you must know that it is a very quiet place, and is meant to be a performance in which authors, no matter if musicians, writers, poets or comedians, participate interacting with the audience, creating a climate that you won’t see anywhere else. All you have to do is prepare your ears listen and enjoy.

IMG_8679 IMG_8683

Everywhere I go I listen that the Irish are great, friendly and happy people. By the time you go inside of a pub, you know what all those people mean. You don’t need anything else than your smile and a good mood to go inside of any pub, and if it is one of the five aforementioned even better.

Just go to a pub, order a pint of Guiness, or Beamish, or Bulmers, or whatever you like, and have an irish experience that you will never forget.


5 Cafés to visit in Dublin

Among all the things in Dublin one must do, is to visit the great cafés in the city. Even more if we are talking about a place where it rains almost every day of the year.

One of the most important Irish foods are its cakes and pastries. You can’t leave Ireland without trying its scones, crumble cakes, soda bread and lemon pancakes.

The local cafés, where you can try home made backeries, drink all kinds of teas, and try some of the best coffees, are the perfect spots to spend any afternoon.

  1. Peacock Green – Lord Edward Street, Dublin 2




The Peacock Green is a cozy Café located close to the St Patrick’s Cathedral. They have the most veriety list of teas that you can imagine, a great place to go with someone or just by yoursef feeling as if you were in the 18th century.

2.  The Queen of Tarts – Cows Ln, Dublin 2


A street in front of the Peacock Green and one of the best cafés in Dublin, winner of many coffee awards. The best place to have good scones and delicious apple crumble cakes. Perfect if you want a nice full and healthy breackfast.

3. Hippety’s Café Gallery – Fownes Street Upper, Dublin 1

1_37 1_39

One of the cutest cafés in Dublin, in the Temple Bar area. It is so colourful and fun that can cheer up anyone’s day. The place for the lovers of coffee but for the lovers of art as well.

4. Goose on the Loose – 2 Kevin Street Lower, Dublin 8

1_44 1_45 1_47

Not as famous as the others, but with no doubt one of my favourites. You can’t leave Dublin without trying their delicious pancakes! Absolutely for the vintage people.

5. Le Petit Parisien – 17 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2


It looks small from the outside, but the great places always hide big surprises. It is possible to taste Paris in Dublin, and when it comes to croissants it doesn’t matter where you’re living.