The Black Lake, a place in Soria, Spain, to feel the silence and enjoy the peace

The Black Lake is a magic place located at 1700 meters high of glacier lagoon, set above the Urbion slopes and the source of the Duero river, among the towns of Vinuesa and Covaleda, both in Soria.


Even before you arrive to the place you can start feeling that peace and calm that evokes the site of trees and forestal paths. Once arrived there, you feel as if you were in another world, completely far away from reality and the din of cities. It is a place to find yourself and liberate your mind and spirit, it is a place to enjoy its own immensity, a place to forget about everything of your daily life and charge yourself with positive energies.

A dark lake, fascinating and enigmatic, related in legends that forms one of the most beautiful landscapes that I have ever seen. The certain reason for its dark and gloomy look is because of the reflection above the surface of the huge rocks that fence it.


The vegetation of the whole place consists of trees like the beech, the oak, the birch, the poplar and the pine, which is the king of the land. All of them form big forests that go to the side of the lake, making from that place something even more magical.

To facilitate the walk to the visitors there is a fenced walk that, even though takes away some of the beauty of the nature and wilderness of the place, it is the perfect way to visit safely the whole site.

If you want to stay the night, a good accommodation is “El Morendal”, a touristic place located in a town called Almarza, in the province of Soria. The town has nothing special for my liking but that characteristic firewood smell of the small towns and the deafening silence that evolves you and moves you to a far place inside of your own thoughts.


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The tourist spot is absolutely recommendable, it is a lovely and cozy place. From the moment you enter you already you fall in love with the smell, the relaxing music that exudes an inexplicable peace. It has a very small spa, for one person or a couple, which makes it even more special.

Its closeness to the famous and mysterious Black Lake makes both places and their proximities a lovely area you shouldn’t miss.


The Andalusian poet Antonio Machado felt so much love for Soria that immortalized it with his popular poem “The land of Alvargonzález”:

The two murderers
reach Laguna Negra,
transparent and still water,
an enormous wall of stone
where the vultures nest
and echo sleeps and circles;
bright water where the eagles
of the sierra drink,
where the wild mountain boar,
stag and doe drink together.
Pure and silent water
copies eternal things.
The indifferent water holds
the stars in its heart.
“Father,” they scream. Down
to the bottom of the serene pool
they fall. The echo father!
booms from boulder to boulder.

A. Machado.