Time traveller, the work of an Archaelogist

Being an archaeologist is a way of living, thinking and perceiving the world. Since I started studying my degree in 2011, I have been changing my mind and the way I see the world.

One of the first things I learnt during my degree was that Archaeology is about people: people who lived somewhere and sometime; people who thought about their lives as we do nowadays; people who created a relationship with their environment… People, places and beliefs.

Now that I’ve finished my degree and I can travel anywhere, everything I see and feel, past and present, I try to connect in my mind. I cannot go, for example, to a medieval castle in Edinburgh without thinking why is it there today, who lived there, what did those people do, and how their lives developed in the way people are now there.

That last point is another important thing I have learnt since I am living in the United States of American. Actually it has been the first time I have gone out of Spain to live a whole year.

I have had a huge cultural shock, everything is different, everything follows other rules, others manners… What I did, as an Archaeologist was wondering why these American people are like this, how can they become something so different from european people? The answer was, obviously, in history. History of America can show you how they have become the biggest capitalist country in the Earth, how they still have a huge problem with racism (slavery is part of the recent American history)…

In this way, this experience, this travel to the U.S, made me realize not only how people were in the past, but how people today are, they are a product of history. Sometimes people do not give importance to Archaeology or History because they consider these things only like entertainment, but they do not know how this disciplines construct their identities, their culture, their beliefs and their traidtions.

Yes, I am an archaeologist, yes I like travelling, yes I am proud to be able to travel not only to different places but especially to different times.

Archaeology is the only way you have to travel across the time, come and join me in my trip from the beginning to our time.