The Irish West Coast: Connemara, Galway and the Cliffs of Moher

I’ve heard sometimes that magic exists in some places. But I’m not that kind of eccentric people. I’m more of the skeptical ones.

On my way around the Irish country I met people who did believe in fairies or leprechauns or some other little figures of fantasy, and despite the fact that I didn’t believe in any of them I smiled whenever someone talked about magical worlds.

After visiting the West Coast landscapes, this time in the province of Connaught, I had to take back my words and thoughts, and say there must be some kind truth in everything those people said.

If Ireland taught me something is that magic doesn’t only live in the things we cannot see, but also and probably even more in the places we are surrounded by. Because even though I couldn’t find elves running around the mountains, I could feel the spirit of nature, and in places like those I was sure that the world was showing me its own magic.

  1. Connemara, Co. Galway

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Despite what people think, Connemara is not Galway, it is just a part of it, and even though you can visit it with any of the Irish tourist companies (I went on a trip with paddywagontours), I would highly recommend to rent a car and make a road trip around its most iconic towns to be able to visit everything you want taking your time.

All the villages and towns are coastal, and their beaches facing the Atlantic Ocean inspire us to imagine the immensity of this site where we live and think that fronteers are actually unreal.

Apart of the common animals, like goats and sheeps that go around the whole country, there is something in this place everyone talks about and it is the flowers you can luckily find around. Little yellow wild flowers that appear from under the ground, like if they would try to hide themselves under the crevices on the ground.

And if you are looking for big and victorian castles to dream you’re living in the past, spend a day at the Connemara National Park, where you’ll be able to see all these things I mentioned together in one same place.

2. Galway, Co. Galway

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Galway, with its more or less 75.400 population, is the big city of the whole county.

There is this song called “The Galway Girl” that talks about the amazing experience a man lives with a girl from this place, and that story is made possible because of the wonderful city in which he is staying at that moment, the city of Galway.

It is a place where you can find anything and will never get lost, where you can go shopping, eat the best fish and chips of the entire country in the traditional restaurant Mc Donagh’s, walk across the seaside, see the seagulls flying to the call of the sun, and enjoy the night as you have never before, listening to the folk music of the pubs and meeting people from all over the world.

A fishing city to learn about its own history of fishermen and their captain Nicholas, who names both of the cathedrals of the Galway.

And after all, a city to breath the smell of pure nature, the scent of the sea and the charm of beautiful people.

3. Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare

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The cliffs of Moher have the most astonishing views of the whole county of Clare.

An hour and thiry minutes worthy drive around coastal towns from the city of Galgay, brings you to a walk of around 8km that follows the amazing landscapes of cliffs that even get to reach the height of 214m.

Honestly, I hadn’t seen anything like that before, and it made me think how small we are compared with the immensity of the world and how unaware we are sometimes of its wonders.

Anyway, you have to be lucky to go to visit the cliffs a day without fog, otherwise you won’t be able to see much further than what is on your side.

But you will always be able to hear the sound of the birds, the water crashing with the huge rocks. You will the feeling of being in such immensus space, the feeling that magic does exist and you will realize that we see it every day in the wonders of this world, and you will be more likely to find it in wonders of the Irish West Coast.


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