The Cathedrals’ Beach, how to become part of nature in Galicia, Spain

Sometimes, to visit some places, reflection is mandatory. Feeling par of the Earth and be aware of how vulnerable we are towards it.


That was exactly what I experienced when I visited the Playa de las Catedrales (The Cathedrals’ Beach), a tiny part of nature that surrounds us still in a wild way.

In the town of Lugo, specifically in the village of Ribadeo we can find the Cathedral’s Beach. Its name, that originally is Playa de Aguas Santas (Beach of Saint Waters), is due to the aesthetic that show the huge eroded rocks by the salty water and the strength of the wind. These arches, that remind us to the fabulous Gothic cathedrals, we only can stare at them when the tide is low.

It is curious, however, how the landscape changes if we look at it when the tide is high, we could say that it deals with a completely different beach covered with cliffs above the sea.

When the tide is low we can have access to the beach of immense fine sand and walk around the arches, some of them even of thirty meters high. In those moments, you can feel the immensity of nature, the power that it has and how tiny we are among so much majesty. Going into their natural caves is a real pleasure, the temperature lowers and for a few seconds you can feel the peace that prevades between their corners rocking by the breeze and the melody of the sea.



Wander around the Beach of the Cathedrals is to feel oneself small, is to feel the greatness of Nature and be aware of all the beauty that surrounds us, but also is to be aware of its strength and power that it has.


It is about, merely, a spectacular place inside of the wonderlands that Galicia confines.


8 thoughts on “The Cathedrals’ Beach, how to become part of nature in Galicia, Spain

  1. It’s amazing how much difference the tide can make hey. I visited the Cathedral Caves in the Catlins, New Zealand in May and there is about a 2 hour window you have each day to see the caves at low tide. Outside of that…you’re swimming!


  2. A picture (or two) is certainly worth a 1000 words! I’m a beach lover and spend a much time as I can around them. Although I’ve been to Spain many times, I haven’t had chance to check this one out yet. One day…


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