Two photo exhibitions to visit this summer in Madrid

1. Las Reglas del Juego (The rules of the game) by Chema Madoz:


Chema Madoz is a Spanish photographer from Madrid, famous for of his black and white surrealist photographs.

In this exhibition, following his own style, Chema Madoz changes the meaning of the the things to provide a deeper significance.

This artist photographs “the portrait of an idea” creating poetry from his works: A cloud can be the top of a tree, a protractor becomes a rainbow over the sea, a railway turns into a watchband… and the list keeps growing until reaching the collection of 124 photos.

A particularity in his work is the lack of titles, but once you see any of his pictures you understand the reason, and it is because you don’t need words to understand what he means. The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” finds here its biggest and best example.

Mixing these artworks with the “Sala Alcalá 31”, the minimalist and beautiful place in which they are exposed, built among the years 1935 and 1943, art and architecture collaborate to create a whole space of beauty, simplicity and deep meaning creating poetry individually and in their entirety.

2. Vogue Like a Painting:


The name of this exhibition says everything you need to know.

In “Vogue like a Painting” the artworks of some of the best photographers of the moment that remain classic paintings are exposed together in this gallery.

Ermin Blumenfeld, Patrick Demarchelier, Nick Knight, Annie Leibovitz, Peter Lindebergh, Paolo Roversi and Tim Walker among many other great artists give life to this exhibition in the Museo Thyssen moving us to other moments and latest fashions.

The special particularity of these photos is that, despite of their modernity, they have a romantic appealing evoking other times, other customs and other styles, but especially that everything, the colour, the spaces, the backgrounds and the models tell wonderful and mysterious stories that keep us looking at every detail of the images.



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