Fall in love with Scotland

I’ve heard thousands of times that Paris is the city of love, but when you know about Scotland this idea can change a little bit.

Last time I was talking about Scotland someone told me this: “It has something mystical.” There is no better saying to describe this wonderful country.


Even if you wanted to describe why it is so special you couldn’t, because it is something that you feel, and when it comes to feelings you can’t find a word for it, you just can talk about it.

By the time you land in the country you already know it. It is the smell, the air, that changeable weather, the nature that evolves everything, the sound of the wind and the seagulls already from the airport, the castles, the trains crossing the cities going inside and through the forest to magical spaces of natureland. It is absolutely everything. It is a place to fall in love.


Land of kings and queens, of music and bagpipes, of kilts and dances in and outside of those marvelous spaces of brick and stone, presided by lofty towers with classy and romantic ballrooms. There is no place like Scotland to fall in love.

To fall in love with everything that surrounds you, with the landscapes and  the buildings, with the gardens and that tone that turns you into the protagonist of that fairy tale you used to like and still dream on in the late night.


I genuinely can’t say a thing that outplaces other because there everything is beautiful.

I remember walking everyday outside of my temporary house which was a restored castle in the middle of the woods, and cross its big and lush gardens to appear in that forest of towering trees around where deers jumped happily inspiring new stories, and come into the view of the desert green golf courses where I use to lay, before a golfer came to give life to that place, to see the water dragging by the seashore giving name the North Sea and calling for our feet on the ground, our feet on the sand and to keep our head high  to believe that everything is possible.


From the castle at the top of the mountain in the city of Edinburgh, to the Glasgow city Chambers, from the ruins of St. Andrews to the breathtaking highlands.

There is magic in Scotland, maybe it is because of its stories and supernatural creatures, maybe because of its wildlife and nature, or maybe just because of the eyes that look at it willing to the take the most of every moment.

But no matter the reason why, I can’t just but remember that sentence that that spiritual woman told me few days ago, when she said that there was something mystical in that place and that makes it so special.


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