24 Hours in Dublin. Part 2

After having visited some of the most important monuments of the Irish city, there are many other spots you shouldn’t skip.

Any good place to have a quick lunch or a good dinner is in the Temple Bar area.

After this it is time to visit the other part of the city, the one that is closer to river Liffey, so once eaten, what you have to go and see is actually the aforementioned river.

1. The River Liffey


The river Liffey, is one of the most important rivers in Ireland and it goes through Dublin from East to West, starting in co. Wicklow, following Kildare and ending in the Dublin bay.

Many are the beautiful bridges that cross this river in the city, and some of them, like the Ha’penny Bridge have their own stories and legends.

In this case, the story of the Ha’penny Bridge goes back to 1816 to the time when it was first open to those pedestrians who paid ha’penny to cross it. It was the only walkable bridge until 1999 that the Millenium bridge was opened to the people.

2. O’Connel Street, Henry Street and the Spire


The most famous area of Dublin 1 and the meeting point of all the people living in Dublin, if you stay in Dublin for some days you will probably hear often “I meet you at the Spire”.

The Spire is a monument of 120 metres high and 3 metres wide at the base, which looks like a huge needle, or as its name says, a spire. It is ment to be the largest sculpture in the world.

Along with Grafton Street, O’Connel Street and Henry Street are the most commercial paths in Dublin, and there you can find anything you are looking for.

Something really interesting, if you want a cocktail, or even if you want an afternoon coffee, is the Church bar and restuarant, located in junction of Mary Street and Jervis Street, very close to Henry Street. A place to mix a good drink, or meal, with good music depending on the time of the day, and what is more  with the beautiful views of a real inside church.

3. Guinness Storehouse and Jameson’s Distillery

Unless you want to run and see everything in the blink of an eye, you probably will have to decide which one to choose.

So I would say, if you are more of beer go to the Dublin Storehouse, and if you like more Whiskey to the Jameson’s Distillery.

The two of them are some of the most famous museums to visit in Dublin, and there you can find interesting information about the elaboration of the two beverages, the history of them and also enjoy a pint or a drink at the end of the whole visit.

4. The Kilmainham Jail


This Jail, which is now a museum, has been during the history of Dublin, and since its inaguration in 1796, an important building for the rebellions that went from the late 1700 until the early 1900.

A great place if you want to hear about the history of the country and the quareels that took place during the Irish trial for their independence, and their Civil War.

5. Temple Bar


If you want to go for lunch, for a drink, shopping in vintage and alternative shops, feel the Irish culture, sing until the pubs close, and fully enjoy your stay, you definitely have to go the the Temple bar.

The Temple bar in an area in Dublin where you can find all these things just mentioned, and thus you can enjoy a walk around it any time of the day, whether is day or night, there is always a good moment to go to the Temple Bar.

During the day, even though you can go to the pubs as well, it is great to visit its unusual markets and try their nice meals, don’t forget about the irish breakfast you should have. And when the night is coming, there is nothing like a pint of Guinness in any of its pubs and be able to sing along with the irish people the songs of their country and many other songs we all know.


6. The Dublin Night


There is something I always feel attached to, and that is the night.

Anywhere you go and any place you visit, you can’t see it all if you haven’t seen it at night.

Grab a friend, or go by yourself, you will clearly find some people to talk to, no matter where they are from, if they are in Ireland they will talk to you and help you with anything you need. Ireland has that atmosphere that makes people gather together and sing to the night and have a smile for everything.

When the day is over, and you can see the street lights creating their own new city, a new mood will come, and that is the irish mood, and that means that you will find life in a different way, that of the glass half full, that of the melody even when there is no music.

That which defines Ireland as the country of music, of joy, of happiness.


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