24 hours in Dublin. Part I

Dublin is a small city and if you are willing to walk during a whole day you can perfectly visit most of its famous spots, unless you’re goal is to step in its 400 or more pubs, then even a month wouldn’t be enough.

Following the path from left to right it is easy to make your trip around Dublin without any difficulty, and if you plan it smartly and organize your time, by the end of the day you will have time to sing and dance by the life music of some of its pubs, and what is more, to meet irish people, some of the friendliest persons you can find around the world.

Obviously just in one day you will have to make choices, but nonetheless I will write on what I found more interesting so you can decide.

1. Christ Church Cathedral:

IMG_7846Along with St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Christ Church Cathedral is the oldest one. This Roman Catholic church, founded in the II Century, is located in the city centre at the end of Lord Edward Street and can be perfectly seen from the river Liffey.

2. Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and Marsh’s Library

Walking besides Christ church in the opposite direction to the rivere Liffey, there is the Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and right next to it the Marsh’s Library .

In this case, the Saint Patrick’s Cathedral was founded in the V Century and built in the XIII Century honouring Saint Patrick, the most important patron saint of Ireland, for whom there even is a national and even international holiday. The interior of this Cathedral is absolutely beautiful and making honour to the Saint there is a spectacular altar dedicated especially to him.

In the exterior of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral there is a park where you can go and, if the weather is nice, enjoy the daylight.

Next to the Cathedral walking through the side door, you can find the Marsh’s Library of Dublin, a library that dates the Renaissance and Enlightenment eras. This is absolutely a perfect place for the literature lovers.



Ireland in general is known because of many of its writers, and one of the most importants is without any doubt James Joyce.

Right now you can visit the library and find out more about the artist James Joyce, the writer of stories like the famous Ulysses, The portrait of an artist as a young man, Dubliners… among many others, and a frequent reader in this library of Dublin during his times.

3. Dublin Castle


After visiting the library, you should walk to Dame Street in Dublin 1, and there in the middle of the city centre you will find its famous Castle. It goes back to the vikings but it wasn’t built until the XIII Century. Even though the outside can be deceptive, you should go inside to see how beautiful it is.

4. Molly Malone Statue


It is one of the most famous icons of Dublin, and it even stars one of the most famous songs of the country.

Located in Grafton Street, it is famous not only because of the hymn, but also because of the legend that portrays, the one of a fisherwoman being a prostitute as well.

5. St Stephen’s Green Park

At the top of Grafton Street. It is a Victorian public Park presided by a lake and surrounded by different statues of important irish personalities.

Other of the important parks in Ireland is the Phoenix Park, a huge park where you could even see deers in a normal day. But this one is not in the city centre and even though you could go walking, it would take you a while to get there.

6. Trinity College


If you go to Dublin you can’t miss the opportunity to go to the Trinity College, a university located at the bottom of Grafton Street and founded in 1592.

It is supposed to be one of the best universities in the world, and unlike what people think it is a public one.

Trinity College is a spectacular place not only because its ancient and beautiful buildings, but because of its gardens and most important because of th wonderful library that it has, with its own history that dates back to the founding of the entire University. It is the biggest library of Ireland, and many people compare it to the Harry Potter films’ one.

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