“The White Masai” when reality overcomes fiction in Kenya

The White Masai, the book written by Corinne Hofmann, makes us to dream about the beauty and reallity of Kenya.


What started for me being a travelling novel that would let me know the way in which masai people live, ended up being a story full of romanticism and important lessons to learn, not only because of the words of Corinne Hofmann, but especially because the writter tells her own story, about the great adventure she had after she went on holydays with her boyfriend to Kenia.

Corinne, a strong woman with clear principles left aside her entire life when she fell in love with a samburu warrior called Lketinga, a man that was completely different to everything she knew.

Maybe love at first sight does exist, even thoug few are the lucky people who find it, maybe it is that sometimes people can feel attracted to that which is misterious and different from them, or maybe it just has to do with a certain sight that captivate them in the right time and place. But the truth is that love appears in the most unexpected circumstances and situations.

Once love made its appearace, Corinne found herself completely encharmed by a tall and dark man, full of colorful accesories, from a different continent. And in the blink of an eye she was living in Africa, surrounded by unkown people who didn’t even speak her language, trying difficultly to have a conversation, but still with the biggest smile she could have.

Life takes many a twist and turn, and that means that we are unable to predict the the future, so much that sometimes we find useless to make decissions, but thanks to those choices the world goes around and we are moved at the same time, right in the direction we want.

It is true that there are many different cultures in the worl, and when it comes to love it is not easy to match with all of them.

Finally, when the things go wrong one has to think about that saying which goes “every cloud has a silver lining”.

When things come to an end, the memory and the knowledge you get will last forever, and talking about this book, all it gave me were good feelings, a lot to think about, and even more to learn.

A book of real love and wonderful cultures.


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