48 hours in London – Day 2.

After walking around the west part of London, and after a nice sleep for a new day of non-stop walking, one should plan the second part of the 48 hours trip, the east side walk.

If you are planning for a good and economic night stay, the clink hostel is a very good option as much for the party (clink78) as for the more relaxed persons(clink261), but both of them are suitable for any kind of people.

Day 2.

1. Camden Town and Market

1_105Among all the markets in London, the Camden market is one of the most importants, and even though it is more crowded and the most of the shops open on the weekends, some of them open as well during the days of the week. Nevertheless in Camden Lock you will find more cute and nice shops not only about fashion but also about music, arts and food. It is the perfect place to buy souvenirs for the family.

In general Camden Town It is famous for its chaotic style and colorful buildings.

2. Tower Bridge and London Bridge:


Two easily mixed bridges, but both of them very different from each other, being the Tower Bridge, the one that appear in the picture, made with a Victorian look, and one of the most remarkable images of London.

3. Borough Market:


If you were thinking about a place to have lunch, the Borough Market is the best place for it. The full market is only open from Wednesday to Saturday, but the lunch stores are open every day. There you can find food from all around the world and what is more, for the most exquisite palates.

It may sound ironic, but if England is characteristic for something, in which food matters, it is about wok. If you go to England, apart of trying their famous fish and chips you have to go to an Asian restaurant and have wok.

In the Borough market there is in particular an Asian restaurant called Wokit where you can have the best rice and noodles you can imagine. Just choose your ingredients and prepare your stomach to be filled with the best Asian quality!


4. The George Inn

1_133Three minutes away walking from the Borough market. The George Inn is a must see spot as much for literature lovers as for those who just want to enjoy a good beer and meal.

A gallery pub that has been working since the 17th century, which was a coffee house back in it origins, and which was frequented by personalities such as Geoffrey Chaucer, Shakespeare and Charles Dickens.

  1. The Shakespeare’s Globe

1_140Other spot for the literature lovers.

This theatre was built in 1599 and was owned, among others, by the writer William Shakespeare. In its beginnings there were theatre companies led by the mentioned William Shakespeare (The Lord Chamberlain’s Men) or others in which authors like Christopher Marlowe or Thomas Kyd worked with, acting in the Globe theatre.

If you go inside of the building and have the chance to attend to some of its plays, you will be able to feel completely as if you were in the Renaissance epoch, and if you arrive once the play has started you can pay just 5 pounds and still enjoy the remakes of the great artists.

6. The Tate Modern


Right next to the Shakespeare’s Globe, the Tate Modern museum is full of art galleries and pieces of great artists, to make you think and learn about recent and contemporary history and authors and their artworks.

7. Millennium Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral:



In front of the Tate Modern you can see other of the many bridges of London, the new and elegant Millennium Brige, worth it because of the views that you can see from it of the St. Paul’s Cathedral.

St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most famous cathedrals in London and its origins go back to 604, when the monk Saint Mellitus first founded this Cathedral in wood.

St Paul’s is as beautiful in the outside, with its French similarities and use of granite stones, as in its interior, full of large windows and a Victorian altar made of black and gold marble.

Once the end of the trip has come, you can put your head up and enjoy the amazing views of this great city, the sky when you can distinguish the clouds, the white and different colours of the buildings and the taste of the new things that are to come when some others have come to the end, a taste that you can try in the French Café Rouge in front of the cathedral, even if you are not thinking about France.


After all, London is an inspiration for any moment in any time, and despite the fact that going for two days is not enough to see everything and to experience the English culture and traditions in its totality, it is the perfect weekend trip for any person who wants to get away from the monotony, because in London there is always a new place to visit and something exciting to do.


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