48 hours in London – Day 1

Yes, it may sound imposible, but it is not.

London is a big city and it is true that just in a day is very difficult to see everything, but if you are willing to walk tirelessly, in two days you can perfectly enjoy some of the most beautiful and important places of the city.

The best way to do it is dividing London in two parts: the east and the west sides of the city, seeing some spots of the east the first day and some of the west the second.

Day 1

1. Westminster Bridge:


If you arrive from the airport the best thing to do is to take a train to Victoria Station. From there it takes no more than 20 minutes to get in the city centre just walking straight in the direction to the river Thames.

Once you arrive in Westminster Bridge, you can see from there some of the most famous spots of England: The Palace of Westminster with its main bell Big Ben and the London Eye (if you want to hop on the London Eye you must be aware that you won’t have time to do much more)

2. Buckingham Palace:


After watching the Westminster Palace and the London Eye you should cross the river again and once viewed the Westminster Abbey walk all through Birdcage Walk until you arrive to the Buckingham Palace. The views from the park in front of it are amazing and if you arrive in time to see the changing of the guard every day from April to July at 11:30, it could be a really interesting event.

3. Hyde Park:


The near exist right next to the Buckingham Palace takes you to a path that you have to follow to arrive in the Hyde Park, one of the biggest and most important parks in London. Here you can find the beautiful sculptures and if you get to find Peter Pan’s you still can think that you’re in a kid’s world, where like in London everything is possible.

4. Oxford Street, Rgenent Street and Picadilly Circus:


A must walk with no doubt is that which goes through Oxford and Regent Streets to arrive in Piccadilly circus, the little New York in England. The perfect walk if you like shopping or just to feel the busy hurry look of a big city like London.
Close to piccadilly circus there is a cute restaurant called Muriel’s Kitchen in Leicester Square, where you can have a good lunch or the typical English afternoon tea, furnished in a way that makes you want to smile. Some of the seats are even swings!


Finally, even if you don’t like sweets, you have to visit the M&M’s world shop decorated in the most English way.

5. Covert Garden


After lunch and other nice walk around the streets of this big city, a spot to visit is the Covent Garden Market, where apart of visiting some of the local and typical shops you can have coffee in many places, but in particular in a coffee shop called Chez Antoinette, with a coffee made in a perfect and tasty French way. Honestly, one of the best coffee I’ve ever tried.

1_57 1_58

6. Westminster and London Eye again.

1_73  1_103

Everything is more beautiful at night, or maybe is just that everything is more filled with magic, and sometimes you have to go back to where you were before to look at the other side of things.
When you finish your visit in the Covent Garden, you should walk in the direction to Trafalgar Square, famous for its Nelson Column and the National Gallery that dominates it, to arrive again to Westminster Bridge again, and see there that even the things that at the beginning look bright and pure, at night can turn black and elegant, but it doesn’t mean that they are going to lose their beauty.
It only means that at night things are seen in a different way and sometimes that is even more fascinating.



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