5 alternative pubs to visit in Dublin

If Ireland is known by anything, it is because of its pubs.

After any afternoon around Dublin, the best thing to do in the evening, or even before because in Ireland it doesn’t matter if it is 11 in the morning or 10 in the evening to have a pint, is to go to the pubs. And depending on the day of the week, there are better places than others if you want to do something different.

1. Quays –  12 Temple Bar

The most famoous area to go any day of the week is the turistic Temple Bar, where you can find live music any day at any time. It is true that it is the most expensive area as well, but if you have into account that you are basicaly attending to a concert, there is nothing too expensive for that. There, Quays is the spot you can’t miss if you have to choose one of all in the Temple Bar. It is alwasy crowded, but it is the best place to get the real irish feeling.



2. Sweeney’s – 32 Dame Street, Dublin 2

It is described by them as a “drinking pub with a music problem”. They are completely right. Three floors of a cool place with a great variety of music and a better enviroment. Different kinds of music around the week and especially remarkable Sundays with their live band the Jazzmen, the best three hours you’re going to spend in Dublin.

If you go to Dublin for a day, make sure that it is on Sunday!



3. The Stagh’s Head – 1 Dame Court, Dublin

This is a little pub hiden besides Dame Street. The particuarity of the pubs in Dublin is that there is not only music, but also in the places that move a little bit away from the Temple Bar, there are as well comedy crunch, poetry slams, and different fun performances. The Stagh’s Head is one of these places. Among some other things, you have Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays free Comedy crunch that includes an ice-cream during the break. If you go, do not forget to order Blacurrant Guiness to drink!


4. The Bernard Shaw – 11-12 Richmond St S, Dublin 2

Have you ever thought about a restaurant-bus? Yes, there are places like this. Combine this with the hip-hop underground style and add as well a bohemian feeling and you will be having a pint and a very good pizza in the Bernard Shaw pub. Remember, you have to go between 5 and 7 pm to get both for 11€, and do yourself a favor, don’t leave Dublin if you haven’t gone.

IMG_8627 IMG_8639 IMG_8646 IMG_8650 IMG_8651

5. The International Bar –  23 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2

Again, a very different place, for a calm night, to sit, relax and have fun. Any of its three floors have something different, but in particular its ground floor on Sundays is the bet spot to go to recover from the weekend’s hangover. Not many people know about it, and that is why they open the door and directly leave, so before you go you must know that it is a very quiet place, and is meant to be a performance in which authors, no matter if musicians, writers, poets or comedians, participate interacting with the audience, creating a climate that you won’t see anywhere else. All you have to do is prepare your ears listen and enjoy.

IMG_8679 IMG_8683

Everywhere I go I listen that the Irish are great, friendly and happy people. By the time you go inside of a pub, you know what all those people mean. You don’t need anything else than your smile and a good mood to go inside of any pub, and if it is one of the five aforementioned even better.

Just go to a pub, order a pint of Guiness, or Beamish, or Bulmers, or whatever you like, and have an irish experience that you will never forget.



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