5 Cafés to visit in Dublin

Among all the things in Dublin one must do, is to visit the great cafés in the city. Even more if we are talking about a place where it rains almost every day of the year.

One of the most important Irish foods are its cakes and pastries. You can’t leave Ireland without trying its scones, crumble cakes, soda bread and lemon pancakes.

The local cafés, where you can try home made backeries, drink all kinds of teas, and try some of the best coffees, are the perfect spots to spend any afternoon.

  1. Peacock Green – Lord Edward Street, Dublin 2




The Peacock Green is a cozy Café located close to the St Patrick’s Cathedral. They have the most veriety list of teas that you can imagine, a great place to go with someone or just by yoursef feeling as if you were in the 18th century.

2.  The Queen of Tarts – Cows Ln, Dublin 2


A street in front of the Peacock Green and one of the best cafés in Dublin, winner of many coffee awards. The best place to have good scones and delicious apple crumble cakes. Perfect if you want a nice full and healthy breackfast.

3. Hippety’s Café Gallery – Fownes Street Upper, Dublin 1

1_37 1_39

One of the cutest cafés in Dublin, in the Temple Bar area. It is so colourful and fun that can cheer up anyone’s day. The place for the lovers of coffee but for the lovers of art as well.

4. Goose on the Loose – 2 Kevin Street Lower, Dublin 8

1_44 1_45 1_47

Not as famous as the others, but with no doubt one of my favourites. You can’t leave Dublin without trying their delicious pancakes! Absolutely for the vintage people.

5. Le Petit Parisien – 17 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2


It looks small from the outside, but the great places always hide big surprises. It is possible to taste Paris in Dublin, and when it comes to croissants it doesn’t matter where you’re living.


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